Lenore C. Kelly

Litigation Experience and Results

Ms. Kelly is a partner at Collinson, Daehnke, Inlow & Greco who splits her time working between the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. She has extensive experience in the aggressive defense of public entities, particularly law enforcement use of force, civil rights violations, employment disputes, complex tort and general casualty. Clients include peace officers, medical professionals, trades, hospitals, educational institutions, employers, businesses, manufacturers, general and sub-contractors, the transportation industry, commercial property, private security and waste management. Litigation has involved wrongful death, catastrophic injury, significant property loss, civil rights violations, wrongful termination / discrimination / retaliation, and industrial injury. Claim exposure spans seven figure losses to situations triggering excess coverage lines.

Education and Background

She is a confident, results driven advocate who will aggressively defend at trial, determine early risk transfer, assess potential for summary disposition, and pursue alternative dispute resolution. Proactive representation includes review and advisement on employee manuals, job descriptions, drafting and oversight of business agreements, compliance submissions, RFI’s, review of company guidelines, employee training, advisement on control systems and operational protocol.


Lenore has presented in the areas of professional liability, risk management, employment practices, industrial claims, and served as an alumni panelist for the Golden Gate University law school appellate program. In her spare time, Lenore is a martial arts instructor and proficient in the fighting arts of Muay Thai, Boxing, Eskrima Kali and Kung Fu.

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