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JOEL ALLAN is the partner in charge of Collinson, Daehnke, Inlow & Greco’s Workers’ Compensation Defense team. Practicing workers’ compensation defense since October 2004, Joel has successfully litigated claims for a diverse clientele, including government entities, insurance companies, and small employers. Before joining Collinson, Daehnke, Inlow & Greco in October 2021, Joel spent several years as a senior attorney at a state-wide workers’ compensation defense firm.

Presently Joel’s practice focuses on representing self-insured and high-retention employers, PEOs, and professional sports teams. In addition to working with his clients to successfully resolve claims, Joel leverages his graduate business studies and years of experience to assist his clients with addressing bigger picture issues, such as mitigating overall claims expenses, recognizing the impact of litigation strategy on business operations, or using the workers’ compensation system to avoid or assist with civil litigation. 

Joel has developed an expertise in representing sports teams, including working with MLB, NHL, and NFL teams. In this complex litigation, Joel regularly addresses highly specialized legal issues including evaluating subject matter and personal jurisdiction, working with multiple defendants, resolving insurance coverage, determining Labor Code §5500.5, and applying reciprocity defenses. 

Joel also has experience advising clients on employment issues that commonly arise in conjunction with workers’ compensation claims, such as FEHA, return to work, and wage and hour. He identifies issues as they arise and works with the employer to avoid potential pitfalls. Joel uses settlement negotiations – whether for an injured worker’s workers’ compensation claim or an employment claim – to seek a global settlement that best suits the needs of the client.

To assist his clients with keeping up with changes in the law and legal strategies, Joel has developed and given numerous presentations on topics including: the QME Process, apportionment, the Workers’ Compensation Med-Legal Fee Schedule, Covid legislation, PEOs, §5500.5 and contribution, injury vs. incident, and the interactive process. 


Joel is a member of the Board of Directors of the Culver City Sister City committee (effective 7/1/23).

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